BattleSHIP Apologetics: Season 5 of the Creation Today Show

The Creation Today Show, Season 5

Season 5 of the Creation Today Show starts February 4th! Don’t miss Eric Hovind and DSA board member Marianne Pike as they continue to equip us with a defense for why we believe with BattleSHIP Apologetics!

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Is Genesis Allegory? Season 5 Episode 3

Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio joins Eric and Marianne to dispel secular claims about the book of Genesis. Chris draws from the words of Jesus himself to argue that the creation story was meant to be taken literally, not allegorically. Eric and Ben’s math experiment enumerates how many paths lead to God’s salvation.

Is There Life on Other Planets? Season 5 Episode 2

To what does a finely-tuned universe point? Find out as Eric and Marianne welcome Answers in Genesis Astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner to discuss the likelihood of other intelligence existing in our universe and just what fine lines our planet must travel to sustain life. Marianne even travels to Mars!

5 Keys to Surviving College. Season 5 Episode 1

Do you ever find yourself wondering if what you believe in is actually true? In Season 5’s first episode, Eric and Marianne welcome University survivor Harmony Daws to discuss how flaws in our thinking process can cause us to doubt our own faith. Learn how to recognize and overcome your own reasoning mistakes and to focus on rational questions rather than unreasonable doubts.

The Power of Personal Testimony. Season 4 Episode 13

Can people argue apologetics using their testimony without using scientific facts? Many religions boast of their conversion testimonies. However, only when a personal testimony lines up with the testimony of Scripture do we have something truly powerful to share! These are the testimonies that the Holy Spirit can use to convict the loss and bring them to the Savior. In this final episode of Season 4, we discuss how personal experience testimonies undeniably aid our Battleship Apologetics Armor!

Are Science and Religion Compatible? Season 4 Episode 12

How many times have you heard that science and religion don’t mix? In Genesis 1 we read, “…God created the heavens and the earth” in only six days, but we are told “science” proves the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. In Genesis 6, we read that a global flood impacted our planet and shaped the earth’s rock layers, but we are told “science” proves that earth’s rock layers were put down slowly over millions of years. Are science and Christianity truly incompatible? Husband and wife team Brian and Virginia Norman, one theologian and one scientist, dissect this seemingly non-unitable dilemma!

How Ancient Is Man? Season 4 Episode 11

Today’s show looks back in time to see what early humans were really like. According to the evolution theory, early humans were primitive and unintelligent, but were they? Our guest, Bruce Malone of, answers these questions as he reviews an ancient bronze sculpture found in China that scientists tested and dated to be 3500-4000 years old! This documentation fits perfectly in both scientific and historical apologetics!

The Truth about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Season 4 Episode 10

Skeptics say the resurrection of Jesus Christ is impossible because people don’t rise from the dead. Did He? Can we give historical evidence supporting the resurrection or is that something that we just have to believe by faith with no evidence at all? Jason Jimenez from Reshift Ministries shares evidence supporting this foundational event for Christianity. One of Eric’s all-time favorite Creation Today Show Episodes, you’re gonna love this historical apologetic!

Is Suffering a Part of God’s Plan? Season 4 Episode 9

Imagine a world with no starvation, no earthquakes, no car wrecks, no cancer—a world without pain or suffering. Many critics say that a good God would never allow innocent people to suffer pain or death; therefore, a good God cannot exist. Yet, even professing Christians have left the faith over this philosophical claim. Today’s guest, David Robertson of Solas Centre for Public Christianity, unpacks these accusations against God’s character and existence.

Mathematics: The Language of Science. Season 4 Episode 8

Math is the language of science. Without it, we can’t calculate science experiments. Is math something humans invented to better explain the universe, or did God brilliantly design mathematics to help man understand His creation? Today’s guest Spike Psarris, former US Military Space Program Engineer, explains how mathematics proves there is a creator. Eric and Marianne don’t solve any mathematical equations, but they do examine problems between math and evolution!

Did Dinosaurs Live with Man? Season 4 Episode 7

According to evolutionary scientists, dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. What if science actually proves that dinosaurs lived with man? Brian Thomas, dinosaur expert from, answers this question with the latest scientific discoveries. Join Marianne Pike and Eric Hovind to see if this evolutionary claim should go extinct!

What Is Biblical Hermeneutics? Season 4 Episode 6

Should Christians judge Atheists and Evolutionists? How often have you heard someone take scripture out of context to make their point? How do you discern false interpretations of scripture? Guest Chris Rosebrough of gives vital guidelines for interpreting scripture, for detecting false interpretations, and for understanding Biblical truth. Gain needed ammunition for Battleship Apologetics with Biblical Hermeneutics!

The Dangers of Common Core Season 4 Episode 5

What can you acquire that no one can take away from you? Education, the priceless investment that helps determine how you impact the world. Guests E. Ray Moore, Don Enz and Israel Wayne shed light on the polar opposites of Biblical education and the new Common Core. Learn how to avert Common Core in your copy of Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free.

Patterns of Evidence as the Bible Declares – Season 4 Episode 4

Did Joseph rule in ancient Egypt as recorded in Scripture? Did the Hebrews escape slavery in what is called the Exodus? Today, we dig into archaeology to survey scientific and historical apologetics as Documentary Filmmaker, Tim Mahoney, shares his recent discoveries on the Exodus. Decide truth for yourself as you examine all the facts in Patterns of Evidence: Exodus available at

Are There Contradictions in the Bible? Season 4 Episode 3

Are there contradictions in the Bible making it unreliable?
Guest J.  Warner Wallace, retired cold-case homicide detective and former atheist, investigates this accusation and delivers a verdict.  Gain wisdom and discernment as Eric and Marianne present paramount principles for examining Scripture.  Learn important lessons for proper Bible interpretation during the Creation Testifies segment with fluffy critters!

What Is the Unborn? Season 4 Episode 2

What does the Bible teach us about the sanctity of life? Eric and Marianne discuss the tragic repercussions that result from abortion as guest Alan Shlemon provides scientific and biblical pro-life apologetics on this hot topic. Dig deeper by checking out the extended interview from Episode 2! Also catch a preview of Wretched Radio’s new film, Life.

Battleship Apologetics: Apologetics? – Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to Season 4 of the Creation Today Show featuring  BattleSHIP Apologetics, teaching you how to defend your faith with Science, History, Individual experiences, and Philosophy! Guest Kevin Conover from Educate for Life shares his integral two-year high school apologetic program for young people. Don’t miss a single episode of our explosive Season 4!