Phil Gaskill  •  May 21st, 9:00am to 11:30am

Gaskill_Phil_LvlsBoth Evolutionists and Creationists appeal to the process of Natural Selection to explain the development of new species over time. Recent accusations that Answers in Genesis has embraced evolution have highlighted confusion over the differences between biblical and secular views of adaptation. In addition, new discoveries in molecular biology, epigenetics, and embryonic development are overturning long-held assumptions about the relative importance of the genome and the environment in maintaining the viability of a species.  Further, there have been numerous recent observations of dramatic changes within species in as little as a single generation, as well as the rapid formation of new species. These discoveries are reigniting an old debate between external/functional and internal/structural views regarding the causes of biological change.epigenetics

In this talk, Phil Gaskill will trace the history of the concept of natural selection and its adoption by both creationists and evolutionists.  He will explain why recent evidence presents serious challenges not only to current creation and evolution models of adaptation but to the concept of natural selection itself.
He will present a new model of adaptation which appears to better fit the evidence, which provides new insights into the incredible complexity with which living creatures were designed in order to overcome environmental challenges, and which serves as a sobering reminder of the destructive consequences of sin for all life.

Phil Gaskill is a Science Writer for Cramer Fish Sciences in Gresham, Oregon.  He previously held engineering and management positions in the information technology industry. Phil began pursuing his interest in the history of science in college and has been a student of the history, philosophy, and methodology of science for more than twenty six years. He gave his first creation science presentation at the Second International Conference on Creationism in Pittsburgh in 1990, has published articles in both creation and secular peer-reviewed science journals, and speaks periodically on the subject of origins at area churches.