ChrisAshcraftMaureen O’Kane  •  February 18th, 9:00am to 11:30am

What do our neighboring planets & moons teach about the choice Jesus so desperately wants us to
make? Join us for a visual journey through our solar system as we look for science and spiritual lessons from neighboring planets and moons. Our unique solar system is compared with extrasolar systems using an orrery (a mechanical model of the solar system). What life lessons may we learn from dead neighboring planets about Jesus?

Maureen O’Kane began presenting Bible science programs in 1984 at schools, campgrounds, churches, grange halls, and other venues.
Her roles have included:
– Marketing Executive for both national and international healthcare corporations
– Motivational Speaker for customer-service training videos
– PR for Non-Profit Organization for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
– Court-Appointed Advocate and Therapeutic Foster Parent
– Bible Class Teacher for teens (27 years) and adults (5 years)
– Bible Study Interest Coordinator
– Depression Recovery Seminar Facilitator, Coordinator, and Instructor.


Here are the references provided by Maureen O’Kane for this talk, for your further research and edification.  You can also download a pdf of her references here.

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Maureen O’Kane, Feb. 18, 2017


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