Steve Hayley and John HergenratherJohn Hergenrather and Steve Hayley  •  March 18th, 9:00am to 11:30am

Please join John Hergenrather and Steve Hayley as they show slides and video clips of some of the most interesting field trips they’ve ever taken. Steve will share how to see the high desert landscape through biblical worldview glasses. We will see evidence that a few thousand years ago southeastern Oregon was a well-populated, forest, range and lake area – a hunting and fishing paradise. John will show why the Big Horn Basin in northwestern Wyoming is the best place in the world to view global Flood geology.

Creation Encounter is the field trip “arm” of DSA and has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Come see why we believe that field trips are such an important way for participants to engage first hand in the investigation of creation evidences – experiences that will strengthen your faith and encourage your trust in God’s Word.

Steve Hayley has been a member of DSA since its beginnings in 1990. Following retirement from teaching in 2009, he has been on the leadership team of Creation Encounter.

John Hergenrather is the Vice President of DSA and for 15 years has been part of a geology research team which co-authored road guides from a creation perspective. John and Dennis Bokovoy established Creation Encounter in 2008 to help DSA expand their creation field trip ministry.