August 5th, 2017 — This Saturday! 

Heads Up!

This Saturday, it’s finally happening.  The Timberline Challenge.

This year, it’s team Hike DCC against the clock, raising money for Design Science Association as they attempt to hike all the way around Mt. Hood in 16 hours.

I’m new to this… what is the Timberline Challenge?

It’s a hiking relay race around Mount Hood on the Timberline Trail.   The race consists of five legs, varying in length from 3.7 miles to 11.1 miles.  Two members from team Hike DCC will hike a leg as quickly as possible before passing off the baton to the next two members of the team, who will hike the next leg, until the entire team has finished hiking all the way around the mountain.  The team’s goal is to complete the entire 40-mile course in 16 hours or less.

Sweet… so what can I expect on race day?

A lot of buzz on Facebook, near real-time GPS updates plotted against a map (the baton is a Spot Tracker), fundraising for DSA, and pictures… lots of pictures!  Hikers will be taking pictures at 18 pre-defined waypoints and at other locations along the course. The pictures will be posted to our Facebook page as they come in throughout the day.


How can I find out more details about how it all works?

You can download full event details (PDF format) here.

I’m not hiking this year… can I still be involved?


First, like our Facebook page,

Second, follow the event live on our Facebook page!  The Race begins at 5:00 am and will likely go well into the evening.  Interact on our page and leave comments!  This helps spread the excitement and raise awareness of DSA, which helps increase donations.
Also, to watch the GPS tracking and race stats in real-time, go to the official Timberline Challenge website,

Third, donate at our GoFundMe page: Be sure to click the “heart” to show your support.  We’ve raised over $1000 on GoFundMe, but we’re hoping by the end of the race to reach our $3000 goal.

Finally, spread the word!  Invite others to like our page and donate.  We’ll see you on Race day!