Saturday, August 5th, 2017 

The Timberline Challenge is a hiking relay race around Mount Hood on the Timberline Trail. The race consists of five legs, varying in length from 3.7 miles to 10.8 miles, over which two members from each team will hike as quickly as possible, with the goal of completing the entire 40-mile course in 16 hours or less.  Team members will raise funds for the Design Science Association by requesting donations from family, friends, churches, businesses, and other organizations to sponsor the team on a per-mile, per leg, time goal, or other basis.  Teams will compete against the clock and against each other to be the first to finish, have the shortest elapsed time, and raise the most money.  Along the course, team members will take pictures at 18 pre-defined waypoints with their cell phones and upload them to be placed on a Facebook page tracking the event.  Each team will also carry a Spot Tracker which will enable near real-time web updates on their progress around the course and their position compared to other teams.



Please note that the Timberline Challenge is a hiking race, not a trail running race. This requirement has been put in place to allow for increased participation and to increase the challenge of finishing the course in 16 hours or less.


To download full event details (PDF format) click here.

To download the team worksheet (Microsoft Excel format) click here.



Team registration opens May 1st.

Please check this page for registration details on May 1st and for updates as race day approaches.