Caitlin LaBar  •  November 18th, 9:00am to 11:30am


DSA’s own Caitlin LaBar is giving a presentation on Butterflies! This talk will cover the basics of butterfly taxonomy, anatomy and life history, and how we can care for God’s Creation through habitat conservation and butterfly gardening. It will end with a “photographic tour” of Pacific Northwest butterfly species, including tips on how to identify the more common species found in our area. It is intended to appeal to all ages, so bring your kids! There will also be a display of butterfly and moth specimens and other information in the back.

Caitlin’s interest in insects began as a toddler roving her backyard in western Washington, searching for beetles and caterpillars. After a move to eastern Washington several years later, her love of insects narrowed to butterflies. Caitlin earned a B.A. in Geography from Central Washington University and a M.S. in Environmental Science from Washington State University-Vancouver and currently works as a GIS analyst. Her spare time is spent collecting and photographing local butterflies, assisting with Creation Encounter activities and working on various butterfly projects. Caitlin recently self-published two books: Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Washington and Butterflies of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area. She is co-authoring another field guide, Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest with Robert Michael Pyle, which is due out in March or April 2018.