J. D. Mitchell  •  April 21st, 9:00am to 11:30am 

Charles Darwin coined the term “Living Fossils” to describe living plants and animals that are unchanged in appearance from fossils that have been assigned as their fossil ancestors. A modern definition for a living fossil is: “A living plant or animal that looks identical or very similar to a fossil version of it.”

Evolutionists describe and display in their museums what they identify as living fossils, but
they routinely limit the number that match the above definition to a very tiny percentage of the total fossil record. Is this representation accurate? Does it match reality?

At the April 21 meeting of the Design Science Association (DSA), J.D. Mitchell will show that living fossils make up a much larger percentage of fossils than evolutionists would have us believe. He will demonstrate that a proper interpretation of the fossils in the rock record points to the global cataclysm described in the Bible and not to hundreds of millions of years of macroevolutionary changes.

The secular interpretation for fossils is prevalent in the culture today, and unfortunately, in a majority of Christian churches as well. This atheistic interpretation is counter to what the Bible says about ancient history and logically undermines the Christian faith. Mr. Mitchell will show that the fossils can be easily and logically interpreted in a manner harmonious with the Bible. He believes it is crucial that Biblical Christians understand this correct interpretation, for without that knowledge it is impossible to logically defend the faith.

Several book resources complimentary to Mr. Mitchell’s talk will be available at the DSA book tables. Mr. Mitchell will also have a number of living fossils on display as well as a table of fossils that will be available for sale.

Note: there will be real fossils at this meeting that you can see, touch and buy!

J. D. Mitchell is a retired registered professional mechanical engineer and has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. He has also completed his Master of Biblical Studies in Biblical Creation Apologetics from Master’s Graduate School of Divinity.