Edward Isaacs  •  September 15th, 9:00am to 11:30am 

Spread across the northern plains of Asia, Europe, and North America were millions of Woolly Mammoths. Weighing up to six tons and bearing over ten-foot-long menacing tusks, the mammoths were prey to virtually nothing. However, despite the grandeur and magnificence of this enormous mammoth population scattered across the globe, a sudden and catastrophic event changed the Northern latitudes forever: the extinction of the Woolly Mammoths. This single event is known as one of the greatest mysteries of science and comprises some of the most baffling questions of all times. How and why did this extinction occur? Why did so many other animals become extinct alongside the mammoths? Can the Biblical model explain their extinction? These and more questions are investigated in this enlightening presentation.

This and other questions are investigated in this enlightening presentation.

Edward Isaacs has devoted the last seven years to intensive studies of the Creation and Genesis Flood, all leading to his expertise in speaking to interested groups and writing technical science articles for publication.  Mr. Isaacs interns with both the Mount St. Helens Creation Center and Design Science Association’s Creation Encounter. He also guides tours to interesting areas of Southern Washington and Northern Oregon. His main interest is in the science of geology and its uses in unraveling the Biblical history of planet Earth.

As a creationist researcher, writer, and speaker, Mr. Isaacs specializes in topics related to the Creation, Genesis Flood, and the Ice Age.   Mr. Isaacs is also a member of the Creation Research Society.