ThomasKindellDr. Thomas Kindell  •  February 16th, 9:00am to 11:30am 

We’ve all seen it… the overwhelming case for evolutionary geology, irrefutably proven by radio-isotope dating and cemented forever in the geological column.  But is it all really so rock-solid?

In this presentation, Dr. Kindell will reveal how the evolutionists use invalid circular reasoning to date fossils. He will also document the finding of “recently evolved” creatures in “old” rock ages where they should not exist. Biased assumptions, contradictions and failed tests of evolutionary radio-isotope dating methodology invalidate its use to “prove” that earth rocks are millions of years old. Proper understanding of radio-isotope decay actually points to a young earth!

In addition Dr. Kindell will show how the geological column only looks perfect on paper. In the real world it exhibits fatal contradictions on a global scale.

Finally, Dr. Kindell will examine the lethal problem of finding the bones of man and handiworks of man in rocks evolutionists date to be millions of years older than the so called “human era.”  In the end, the rock layers around the world point to the God of the Bible after all!