Paul Taylor  •  March 16th, 9:00am to 11:30am 

Charles Darwin remains arguably the most controversial figure in science. His views, which run counter to Scripture, have affected over a century and a half of biology, and have reached into other sciences. But what were the issues and the people that influenced Darwin?

In this talk, we look at Darwin’s childhood, and his youth, to see what were the relevant events and who were the relevant people, who made Darwin what he became.

Paul Taylor and his wife Geri have been the directors of the Mount St Helens Creation Center since October 1st, 2014. Paul has been speaking on creation and apologetics, and against evolution, for over 35 years. He taught science in UK government schools for nearly 20 years, has worked with Answers in Genesis and Creation Today, and has spoken in Britain, Ireland, Europe, and across the US. He has authored nine books, including The Six Days of Genesis, Where Birds Eat Horses, Only Believeand No Time for Itching Ears.  He is currently writing a Biography of Charles Darwin, and his talk will contain much of his research for the book.