Rachel Zoller  •  September 21st, 9:00am to 11:30am 

Rachel Zoller

Fungi are more than dirty decomposers, they are life-givers. Mushrooms, which are the often forgotten fruit of the forest, evoke mystery and intrigue. Let’s take a look beyond the surface level and go underground into the world of fungi with Rachel. She will breakdown how to identify mushrooms and the basics of foraging them safely, also sharing how fungi are an incredible part of creation that was clearly designed for connecting life as much as it was for decomposing it.

Rachel Zoller grew up immersed in the outdoor scene here in the Pacific Northwest and has an in-depth passion and knowledge of the world of mushrooms. Rachel teaches mushroom foraging workshops and lectures throughout the Pacific Northwest, is an active member of the Oregon Mycological Society, runs a small but resourceful blog/website and hosts the popular YouTube channel Yellow Elanor which teaches how to identify key edible mushrooms and other fungi facts. She is currently working on her first mushroom handbook alongside Roost Publishing. Even when it isn’t prime mushroom picking season, you’ll find her outside, most likely lying in the mud with her two young boys in tow, photographing the beautiful life of mushroom.