30 Years of DSA

Due to restrictions surrounding the coronavirus, we regret that DSA has been unable to meet recently. We are hoping to be able to start again in July. Please check our website at http://designsciencenw.org/ for updates which will also go out in a newsletter for July if and when we know more.

The Homeschool Outdoor School scheduled for June has been rescheduled for September 7-11 – https://www.homeschooloutdoorschool.com/

For a limited time while the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter are closed to the public, Answers in Genesis is offering their online Creation Apologetics Master Class 1-6 at a great discount of only $19. Good for grade 10 – Adult, this six-part course, would normally be $294. See https://answersingenesis.org/store/product/creation-apologetics-master-class/?sku=90-2-691

Ken Ham also has a 60-second radio episode daily at https://answersingenesis.org/media/audio/answers-with-ken-ham/.

Creation Ministries International has webinars on their website including one by Gary Bates on the question “Why Is There Death and Suffering?” at https://creation.com/webinars.

Both ministries along with Institute for Creation Research can seriously use financial support during these days with the shutdown of their facilities.

May God bless, and we hope to all see each other in June.