Design Science Association is a Portland, Oregon based outreach offering opportunities for education and adventure in the field of Creation Science.  Highlights include:

• Monthly Meetings featuring prominent Creation Science Speakers.

• Book Store offering the latest and best Creation Science resources at discount prices.

• Field Trips exploring the handiwork of our Creator, Jesus Christ, as well as the evidence for the global flood of Noah’s day.

                                            Everyone is Welcome!

DSA Statement of Belief:

The Bible, in its entirety, is God’s inspired, infallible and inerrant word. In its original autographs (manuscripts), it is fully accurate, not only concerning spiritual issues, but also in matters of history and science.

The universe and all that it contains, both living and non-living was designed by God and created out of nothing in six literal days as described in Genesis. Biological changes since creation have been confined within the created kinds.

The creation occurred several thousand years ago, not millions or billions.

The Noachian Flood, as described in Genesis, was an historic event, worldwide in extent.

Acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and Creator, is mankind’s only path to reconciliation with God.