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The Ark, The Flood, and the Bill Nye Debate: Key Questions Answered

Dr. Thomas Kindell  •  June 18th, 9:00am to 11:30am
This presentation answers many important questions and refutes many false accusations made by Bill Nye that were not adequately addressed during his famous debate with Ken Ham. Since Nye repeatedly attacked the credibility of Noah’s ark, special emphasis is given to defending the feasibility of the ark.  This presentation also refutes false allegations Nye made regarding glacial boulder deposits, animal migration after the flood, […]

Does Natural Selection Drive the Origin of Species?

Phil Gaskill  •  May 21st, 9:00am to 11:30am
Both Evolutionists and Creationists appeal to the process of Natural Selection to explain the development of new species over time. Recent accusations that Answers in Genesis has embraced evolution have highlighted confusion over the differences between biblical and secular views of adaptation. In addition, new discoveries in molecular biology, […]

Klickitat Butterflies, Bugs, and Blooms

May 14, 2016

Led by guides Caitlin LaBar, Arthur Dunn and Marianne Pike, the Klickitat River Canyon is an excellent area for enjoying butterflies, bugs, dragonflies, and beautiful wildflowers. Just north of Lyle, there is also an isolated population of rare butterfly milkweed right next to a spring of naturally carbonated mineral water. On this new […]

Deschutes Wildlife Hike

April 23, 2016
Plentiful wildlife and sunny weather usually greet us on this leisurely 4½ mile round trip walk along the Lower Deschutes River. Some of us may choose to “walk the extra mile” to find petrified wood and discuss the Flood conditions that fossilized it. Led by Steve Hayley, John Hergenrather, and Marianne Pike, we’ll encounter a variety […]

Only Believe

Paul Taylor  •  April 16th, 9:00am to 11:30am
When we give a defense of the Christian faith to an unbeliever, and offer up evidence of what we believe, who are we actually  making the judge?

Paul Taylor raises this very important question in his talk based off his new book on apologetics, Only Believe.

Apologetics is that branch of practical […]

Wildflowers & Gorge Mysteries

This fun-packed, hands on day trip is similar to our March 12 trip. But we will take less time to collect cobbles and petrified wood and more time to enjoy the wildflowers in the area. Flowers as well as migratory birds and other wildlife are abundant in springtime in the East Columbia River Gorge. With […]

Mysteries of the Columbia River Gorge

Come with us Saturday, March 12th, and discover the Creation Mysteries of the Columbia Gorge!  We’ll take several short hikes, and collect cobbles transported 400 miles by Noah’s Flood.  We’ll also find some petrified wood.  In some places this wood is only charcoaled and is still burnable, even though it is supposed to be 15-16 million years old! On […]

Blind to the Obvious

Bruce Malone  •  March 19th, 9:00am to 11:30am
We live in a cultural environment that is designed to separate science and reality from God’s word, putting them into false categories. As a result, many of our friends are blinded to the fact that science and reality actually demonstrate the accuracy of God’s word; even worse, the church […]

Interpreting Our Nation’s National Parks

Patrick Nurre  •  February 20th, 9:00am to 11:30am
Our National Parks provide us with wonderful vacation opportunities… and they are the finest in the world!  Yet sadly, they are also effective havens for teaching evolutionary old-earth geology.  In this presentation on the geology of our National Parks, Patrick will answer the questions as to how and why the Park […]

Planet of the Apes?

Chris Ashcraft  •  January 16th, 9:00am to 11:30am
Evolutionists argue that humans have descended from ape-like ancestors, thereby reducing humanity to the status of a primate animal. Darwin’s seminal theory led inexorably to this conclusion. However, the Bible clearly states that we were created distinct from the animals, and “in the image of God”.

For our January meeting, […]