Timberline Challenge: A Design Science Association Fundraising Event

Saturday July 21st, 2018 ♦

The Timberline Challenge is a hiking relay race around Mount Hood on the Timberline Trail.

The race consists of five legs, varying in length from 3.7 miles to 11.6 miles, over which two members from each team will hike as quickly as possible, with the goal of completing the entire course (nearly 41 […]

BattleSHIP Apologetics

The Creation Today Show, Season 5
Season 5 of the Creation Today Show starts February 4th! Don’t miss Eric Hovind and DSA board member Marianne Pike as they continue to equip us with a defense for why we believe with BattleSHIP Apologetics!

You can watch the videos below, or go to creationtoday.org/category/podcasts.