Timberline Challenge: A Design Science Association Fundraising Event

August 5th, 2017 — This Saturday! ♦

Heads Up!
This Saturday, it’s finally happening.  The Timberline Challenge.

This year, it’s team Hike DCC against the clock, raising money for Design Science Association as they attempt to hike all the way around Mt. Hood in 16 hours.
I’m new to this… what is the Timberline Challenge?

It’s a hiking relay race around Mount […]

BattleSHIP Apologetics

The Creation Today Show, Season 5
Season 5 of the Creation Today Show starts February 4th! Don’t miss Eric Hovind and DSA board member Marianne Pike as they continue to equip us with a defense for why we believe with BattleSHIP Apologetics!

You can watch the videos below, or go to creationtoday.org/category/podcasts.