More Upcoming Meetings

Want to know what DSA has lined up for the rest of the year?  Look no further!  Here is our current speaker schedule through the rest of 2017.

October 21th
Bruce Malone — Best Evidence for Creation ♦

November 18th
Caitlin LaBar — Butterflies: Miniture Marvels of Creation ♦

December 16th
Paul Taylor — Bethlehem’s Star

Something New under the Sun

Paul Taylor  •  September 16th, 9:00am to 11:30am ♦

After Genesis, Ecclesiastes is probably the Old Testament book that contains the most material with strong scientific implications. The Preacher of Ecclesiastes sets out a three point guide to understanding God-centered and God-denying worldviews, showing that the latter worldview is ultimately untenable.
*Paul Taylor and his wife Geri […]