Meeting DVDs

Video recordings of our monthly meetings are available on DVD. These DVDs are available for purchase at the DSA book table each meeting. You can also order DVDs and have them mailed to you.

September 2012 and later

For DSA DVDs from September 2012 or later, email Becki Pike:

Prior to September 2012

For recordings of meetings prior to September 2012, mail Kevin Hogan:

2331 N. Leslie St.
Pahrump, NV 89060

Send a check or money order for $8 per DVD + $3.00 shipping for one to four DVDs, $3.50 for five to seven DVDs, or $4.00 for eight to ten DVDs with your address and the title of the DVD(s) you are purchasing.

Please make checks payable to Design Science Association.

The DVD catalog (prior to September 2012) is now available in seven parts.

  1. Part One (September 2003 through July 2006)
  2. Part Two (August 2006 through September 2007)
  3. Part Three (October 2007 through November 2008)
  4. Part Four (January 2009 through December 2009)
  5. Part Five (January 2010 through December 2010)
  6. Part Six (January 2011 through December 2011)
  7. Part Seven (February 2012 through August 2012)

For further questions about orders, contact Kevin Hogan: