God’s Glory – A Journey of Discovery

♦ Eric Hovind ♦ November 20th, 2021, 9:00 AM ♦ Greater Portland Bible Church

Eric Hovind will be at DSA this November, with a very powerful and personal presentation. Here is his excerpt:

Have you questioned whether God is even real? I did.
I was raised in a Christian home, attended Christian school, and attended Bible college. Then it happened: an unexpected tragedy took me off guard and God did not answer my prayer like I thought He should. I began questioning everything and in the process discovered that I knew a lot about God, but I didn’t really know God. That realization radically changed my life! It was then that I began my quest to truly know the one true God of the Bible.
Having discovered this exciting journey, I would like to invite you to experience a more intimate relationship with the Creator of the universe—GOD. Watch as the heavens declare the glory of God. Then you can understand the divine purpose for which you were created. It’s my prayer that you accept this challenge and be inspired like never before to see God’s Glory!