• Faith on the Edge

    Kyle Justice and Pat Roy  •  April 20th, 9:00am to 11:30am ♦ The Creation Guys are back! Pat Roy and Kyle Justice have teamed together to document the glory of God’s creation. Their latest project: tackling the flat earth controversy. More Christians are converting to a belief in the Flat Earth than at any other time […]

Field Trips

  • Blooms and Butterflies

    Saturday, April 27th ♦ Led by Caitlin LaBar, this hike into the Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve is located in Washington across the Columbia River from The Dalles. It is famous for its springtime displays of wildflowers, especially balsamroot, lupine and paintbrush. We will be hiking the lower half of the Crawford Oaks Trail, which […]

  • Forest Ecology along the Clackamas River

    Twice! Wednesday, May 22nd and Saturday, June 1st ♦ Dr Keith Swenson, Adjunct Professor of Natural Sciences at Multnomah University will lead this trip. The upper Clackamas River drainage in the Mt. Hood National Forest is an ideal place to study and enjoy Oregon’s west side forest. This field trip will be in the form […]