Field Trips

Design Science Association hosts field trips through Creation Encounter.  For additional information, visit

Upcoming Trips

  • Forest Ecology along the Clackamas River

    Saturday June 2nd, 7:30am  ♦ Come and explore the Forest Ecology of the Clackamas River with us on June 2nd!  Dr. Keith Swenson, Professor of Natural Sciences at Multnomah, will lead this trip. The upper Clackamas River drainage in the Mt. Hood National Forest is an ideal place in which to study and enjoy Oregon’s west […]

  • Loowit and Step Canyon Hike

    Thursday July 19th, 7:30am  ♦ This strenuous day hike will visit the most devastated part of the blast zone, including Loowit and Step Canyons and the Pumice Plain. Teaching will be based on a biblical creation worldview and include discussion of both catastrophic geologic processes and rapid biological recovery. Leaders will include Professor Keith Swenson. Please […]

  • Harmony Trail to Spirit Lake

    Wednesday July 25th, 7:30am  ♦ This day trip will provide a good introduction to Mount St. Helens. The highlight will be a 2.5 mile (round trip) hike on the Harmony Trail to Spirit Lake and the floating log mat. In addition, we will visit an old growth forest, historic Bear Meadow, Meta Lake, and Windy Ridge. […]